responding to the Gospel of god's love in Christ

All Church Services and Social Meetings are currently cancelled due to the Corona Virus Pandemic

Service sheets have been produced by the Methodist Church and will be provided each week on this site.
We are encouraging chapels to use this at the same time as their chapel service would have been on Sunday
so that we feel that we are still worshipping together, although not physically being together.

Circuit Weekly Services
During the pandemic, Services adapted for no physical congregation will be live streamed from Wesley’s Chapel in London
Service times: Wednesday 12:45; Thursday 12:45 ; Sunday 9:45 and 11:00.

Spring Harvest for all the family online … and its free!
Sadly, this year’s Spring Harvest event has been cancelled due to the pandemic. However even though this has left them with a £1.5m hole in their accounts which threatens their very future they are planning to launch the event online via Spring Harvest Home on YouTube from 13th – 17th April.

We can’t go to Spring Harvest this year so they're bringing Spring Harvest to us! - and it will be free and accessible for all. This is an amazing annual event for absolutely all of the family and will include adapted versions of the Big Start, Bible teaching, worship, seminars and perhaps some more light-hearted viewing, right through the day.

The team are currently working non-stop (in self isolation of course) to ensure this reaches us.

Spring Harvest Home will be on YouTube at the following link: SH2020 ...and please subscribe to the Spring Harvest channel and put the dates in your diary.

Moving forward, Spring Harvest believes that they will be able to deliver Spring Harvest again in 2021. Nobody knows what the long-term consequences Covid-19 will have for the event and our nation, but with us standing with them, they firmly believe they will be back next year.


Tregadillet (Local Ecumenical Project)

Church of Christ the Cornerstone – Tregadillett

Minister: Revd Malcolm Jones

TregadilletWe are a LEP church in partnership with our Anglican colleagues in Launceston and are fortunate in having a modern church building which encompasses Tregadillett Community Centre.  Our congregation is first and foremost a worshipping Christian community and everyone attends all services irrespective of who is leading it.

Our Sunday morning worship is at 11.00 am and our services are as follows:

  • 1st Sunday – Anglican Service of the Word
  • 2nd Sunday – Methodist led
  • 3rd Sunday – Anglican Service of Holy Communion
  • 4th Sunday – Methodist led

We also have a short Memory Friendly service on the 2nd Sunday at 3.30pm followed by light refreshments for those living with memory problems and their carers and a monthly Family Fun evening for children under 11.

On the third Friday of the month there is a Family Fun evening from 4.30 pm to 6.30pm.

Advent and Lent courses are run at the appropriate time of year led by Rev Keith Roberts, supplemented church groups from time to time. These courses are usually on a Monday evening.   please check Circuit Plan  for details.

Contact Steward:
Mr C Reynolds: 01566 86706

Mrs S Vinson: 01566 880244

Directions and Map for Tregadillet LEP at Coronation Hall from Google Maps