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Spring Harvest Home: Half-Term Special

The Spring Harvest Home Team have put together a special edition of Spring Harvest Home for half-term starting on Bank Holiday Monday 25th May! You can look forward to an episode of Virtual Sunday School on Monday at 9:30am, two brand new editions of Big Start Extra on Tuesday and Wednesday at 9:30am, a ‘Thought for the Day’ from Bob Hartman Tuesday to Friday at 10:15am, Bible Buds for toddlers on Thursday at 9am, Doug Horley on Friday at 11am and much more.
Lots of new and exciting content is planned and all still for free, so join the team for some family fun on

Meditations for Holy Week

Rev Jo Smart has started a new series of mediations for Holy Week and this one is called “Journey to the Cross with…” 

Jo's meditations are on the district website here

Each day there will be a meditation on a different event associated with Jesus’ last hours and the people who were with him.
This account is based on Peter’s denial of Christ and encourages us all come to the cross for forgiveness and renewal.
This meditation is the second in a series called “Journey to the Cross with…” written for Holy Week. It reflects on the different events associated with Jesus' last hours and the people who were with him. This account is based on Simon of Cyrene’s encounter with Jesus as he carries the cross to Golgotha. How would it feel to come face to face with Christ in such horrific circumstances? What would you do?
Rather than a meditation, this is a refection from the point of view of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, as she stood at the cross. It is the third one in a series called “Journey to the Cross with…” that have been written for Holy week. It can be very hard and upsetting watching a loved one die, particularly when they are your child, so please be gentle with yourselves as you hear this reflection. Try to focus on the things that have carried you through your own grief; the support of family and friends and the promises of God.
I also attach a beautiful poem written by Ann Foster which I think is particularly helpful to reflect on too.
Peace in the Storm 
Treloyhan Nov 2019 written by Ann Foster

The wind blowing in my face,
Making my eyes water and cry.
Taking my breath and words away.
That’s what it’s like Lord when the storm begins to hit.
The waves growing in size-
leaping up and over-
Crashing down-throwing out white surf-
Hiding the blackness underneath.
That’s what it’s like Lord when the storm hits me.
Tossed like a pebble in its thrashing-
up in the air, down in the depths-
Having more rough edges worn away.
That’s how it feels Lord, when I’m riding in the storm.
Then I realise I’m being made
Smoother, tactile,
Lovely to feel in the palm of someone's hand-
Your hand.
The turmoil within settles;
the hurt and anger without is rubbed away as I move toward the centre.
In the eye of the storm I find peace Lord
as I realise that You are there with me.
You have allowed the storm
you have allowed the turmoil
You have brought me to peace.
Thank you for this storm;
for the smoothing;
for “being” at peace in the centre-
With you.

Journey to the Cross with John
This guided meditation is the fourth in a series called 'Journey to the Cross with..." that have been written for Holy Week. It is based on the beloved disciple John and how Jesus entrusted his mother, Mary, to his care.
We have each been given by God to care for one another, to give support and love without reserve and to be willing to give our lives. We have seen that recently in so many people, particularly those who work for the NHS.
Journey to the Cross with a Roman Soldier
This the fifth meditation in the series 'Journey to the Cross with..." written for Holy Week. It follows one of the Roman soldiers who had been instructed to assist in Jesus' crucifixion. He, along with many, witnessed the extraordinary events of the turning point of history. It changed him and changed others, will it change you? Will you be able to say, like the Centurion, 'Truly, this is the Son of God.’
Christ is Risen, He is Risen indeed, Alleluia.
This guided mediation for Easter Day is the last in the series “Journey to the Cross with…” written for Holy Week. It is based on the account of Mary Magdalene going to the tomb on that first Easter morning. Mary Magdalene was a woman who truly loved Jesus with all her heart and was not embarrassed to show it despite criticism from others. She was there at the cross and one of the first at the tomb. Her grief overcomes her and it is not until she hears Jesus call her name that she recognises him. Do you hear Jesus call your name, because he is, and he is waiting for you to recognise him too?